We build digital solutions for all of your service application needs.

whatwedo is a young team of software developers and designers, based in Bern, Switzerland. We study and analyse your workflows, define enhanced solutions and create digital products and services for your daily business.

  • Design & develop for the daily business.

    We analyse your business workflows and look for a solution that helps you and your audience with your particular tasks.

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  • We test solutions with prototypes.

    We make prototypes, not presentations. When we develop new solutions, we think in code and iterations rather than static assemblies.

  • Sustainable products and services.

    Open source technology and current standards help us to build solutions that adapt to a constantly changing environment. We stick to the web platform where ever possible because it will still be there when all apps are gone.

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We identify problems and solve them in a collaborative way on equal footing with our clients and their customers.

  • Gewerblich-Industrielle Berufsschule Bern

    Data processing strategy and development based on Evento, project leadership contribution, product strategy, design and engineering of web applications for students and teachers.

  • Manuel’s

    Infrastructure for the local store in Zurich. Development of a offline-first card desk and e-commerce system, connected with each other.

  • Jaguar LAND ROVER Schweiz

    We supported the “Jaguar so alive” campaign with development and maintenance of a WordPress website.

  • Universitätssport Bern

    Developing of an internal software for managing all trainings and courses.

  • Rhomberg

    Development and support of web components and interactive web applications.

  • HWZ Zurich University of Applied Sciences in Business Administration

    Website & email design and development for the Center for Digital Business.

  • Swiss Space Systems Holding SA

    Development of a website for getting information about the project ZeroG and for buying seats for a flight. 

  • Tam

    Transforming static webdesigns by KARGO to code, making it ready for the web.

  • Adrianos Bar & Coffee

    Prototyping and development of an e-commerce platform and modules that work with the inhouse workflow, local payment systems and delivery services. 

+ 80 lucky clients more

We help small stores and startups to get their business to the internet. We develop simple solutions with WordPress with mid to long-term value. We also host our clients' websites and keep them up to date with latest security patches.

This is whatwedo

That's quite all we can say by now. We're going to prepare more detailed case studies of our work. In the meantime, don't hesitate to contact us and ask for a specific example for your case. We speak English and Deutsch. Also visit our social media profiles to get updated about releases.
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